The dream teem

the dream teem!

the dream teem are the heros of lego univers. there founder is princess bubblegum from adventure time. the team leader is corlose the sailor, the smart membore of the teem is bio hazard profeser a.k.a bio and the privet of the teem is bio's cousin myrtle a hog warts student. and the main enemy's are the green guy and aura sing. they have a cristel they call the dream cristel, but they figure out it's realy called the blue inperiol cristel in the second video i made first the bounty hunters thout bio had the other hafe of it in side him and kid-naped him but he only had a kindness cristel, so they kid-naped myrtle in the fith video and only had a kindness cristel, and in the seventh video they kid-naped corlose and he had the other hafe so they got it back from the bounty hunters and defeted them.

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